Other Local Activities

Almost Unlimited Activities For Your Stay

The Auvergne is a paradise of open space and for those interested in the great outdoors is a list of other activities which to enjoy whilst staying in the region.

  • Fishing is very popular in the region with 7500km’s of what are termed 1st class rivers wherein salmon and trout are the predominant fish, added together with the 450 hectares of natural lakes which to enjoy.

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  •  For all adrenalin junkies the region can offer, White water rafting, Canyoning, Mountain Climbing and Hand Gliding.

There are many other activity based pursuits to enjoy including Horse Riding and Canoeing, dare we say slightly less energetic?

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  • Gastronomy

For those of you who have stomachs as your main priority the region is a marvel of gastronomic delights, guaranteed to ignite the senses. The Auvergne is the ‘cheese capital’ of France with most notably the eponymous ‘Cantal’ cheese and the delicious Bleu d’Auvergne, Fourme d’Ambert and Saint Nectaire.


This ancient wine growing region produces little known but very fine red, white and rose varieties which are generally light, fresh and fruity.

The production of honey is also important to the region with many farm shops open to the public where you can sample, and no doubt purchase a reminder of your stay here.

  • La Route des Metiers will help guide you through the regions rich heritage, where visitors will discover artists, craftsmen and producers offering a warm welcome and a chance to share their ‘savoir-faire’.


  •  Brocantes are plentiful in this area, a good place to pick up a bargain or two.


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